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The best cryptocurrency wallet. Shop and withdraw crypto as fiat worldwide with Savencrypt Debit Mastercard®. Savencrypt crypto wallet is your crypto’s safe haven.

Savencrypt wallet

Order your Savencrypt card without KYC. Get started with Savencrypt wallet

Simplest way to start investing

Savencrypt wallet has reduced the need of multiple applications to solve your financial needs. We have made everything you need into one application.

Open a wallet

Sign up and verify with our easy sign up process, and you’re good to go!

Deposit funds

Make a deposit using one of our many crypto wallet deposit methods to get funds into your account

Invest your crypto

Swap, invest and sell your investments with our 12+ cryptocurrencies. Order a crypto debit card for fast access


Wallet support for 12+ cryptocurrencies

As a multi-currency wallet, We offer a variety of cryptocurrency wallet to invest, sell, or swap. Get started in minutes and start investing your cryptocurrencies for profit!

Video guide

Self Guide Illustration

A video guide for different topics have been created by our support team, to provide users with answers to their questions.

Cryptocurrency wallet that protects you

Our mission started in 2018 and going strong. The financial situation globally have been on a decline due to lack of steady income, inflation, bad habits and many more. For this reason, we developed this application, Savencrypt wallet to protect people’s finances.

Savencrypt application solves all the problems of people globally in the area of their finances. Store cryptocurrency, invest, spend.

Multi-currency wallet

We offer over 12 cryptocurrencies in one application.

Two-factor authentication

Enabled 2FA for an extra layer of security to your wallet.

Crypto debit card

Order a crypto debit card to spend and withdraw crypto on-the-go.


Spend and store Bitcoin on your terms from your wallet

Definitely, you would not want to miss out on the opportunities of owning Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on a wallet, in this era of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Unfortunately, many get to lose funds due to storing on untrusted platforms. We are providing you with better options to prevent loss of crypto, as a result of hacking and low security.

Apparently, We have a highly encrypted wallet to store your Bitcoin safely. Also, we have the option of opting for a Hardware Wallet Device for your crypto.

savencrypt crypto wallet
Savings and crypto investment on your wallet

Save towards a Target on your terms

Based on research, it is difficult to continually save, even when we have the motivation to do so. This is why Savencrypt has developed a working method for you to save towards a target goal or multiple goals with ease on your wallet.

Furthermore, We have made saving fun to do. Build your savings today by setting target goals while we motivate you to do so.


Best cryptocurrency wallet for investment

Fortunately, there are investment plans on this cryptocurrency wallet to suit every budget with great reasonable returns on investments for mid and long-term goals.

Nonetheless, find time to invest for a better financial future. We help to guide your finances towards sustainable wealth creation.

A steady process to building a good financial standpoint for everyone willing to be better financially.

Crypto Investment from wallet to invest
Savencrypt crypto debit card
crypto debit card

Shop and withdraw with Savencrypt Debit Mastercard® worldwide

Spending crypto has been made easy for you. With your Savencrypt Debit Mastercard, you can do absolutely more than just shopping online. Order for a physical card to be delivered to you anywhere in the world, and can be topped up from your wallet using crypto like Bitcoin.

Interesting fact: You can withdraw your crypto anywhere in the world as USD (converted as cash in your local currency) using your SavEncrypt debit card on any mastercard approved ATM.

Card Notice


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Frequently Asked Questions

SavEncrypt protects you & your finances by making life less difficult for you. Finance discipline, growth and safety is our goal.
We are a FinTech company that incorporates the best technologies to further encourage better financial flow.

Please follow this link “Open New Savencrypt Wallet” to guide you on creating a new wallet.

No. It is illegal to create more than one account per user. If we find that a member has more than one account linked, the entire funds will be frozen.

Click “Restore from Backup” link, type your e-mail address and 24 words backup. Then, you’ll receive your account reset information which has a temporary password included.

You can contact support immediately if you have your backup words.

Without that, we do not have access into your wallet.

Please follow this “How to Invest Crypto” link to guide you on how to start investing.

We accept cryptocurrency. Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and more. Please follow this “How to Buy Crypto” link to guide you on how to buy crypto.

Please follow this “How to Buy Crypto” link to guide you on how to start buying crypto like Bitcoin (BTC) easily and securely without getting scammed.

The minimum deposit amount is $100 USD. We accept cryptocurrency. Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT), Ethereum (ETH) and more.

It depends on your sending wallet. Once the transaction is confirmed on the Blockchain, your account is credited with the amount deposited after 6 confirmations. This could take at least 10 minutes for confirmation.

Yes, your money is safe. Wallets are very secure on Savencrypt wallet.

Funds are stored in cold wallet storage units using AES (Advanced Encryption Systems) to prevent hacking attacks, and private bank accounts (undisclosed) with insurance.

Ensure to do a backup for your wallet , and store your 24 words backup safely.

This can give access to your wallet with your funds being compromised if your 24 words backup gets in wrong hands. However, we got you covered. A recovery password is required which is sent directly to your wallet email.

Savencrypt is a very safe wallet.

Log into your wallet and click on “Settings icon”.

Click on your personal profile and you are limited to changing wallet password only.

Please follow this “How Savencrypt crypto debit card works” link to guide you on how to the crypto card works.

Yes, you can order your Savencrypt crypto debit card from anywhere in the world.

There are few countries restricted from our services. If any of these countries choose to use our services, any loss is not liable to the company.

Please follow this “How the Savencrypt crypto debit card works” link to guide you on how to the crypto card works.

After card funding confirmation directly from your wallet BTC balance, cards are usually sent out and delivered within 3-7 business days.

You can use it from anywhere in the world on certified Mastercard approved ATM (Automated Teller Machine) for direct cash withdrawal, and POS (Point Of Sale) terminals for payments at shopping centers.

This can be used at shopping stores, supermarkets, gas station, online transactions.

For card deposits, $0 USD fee is charged.

For card withdrawals, $0 – $1 USD fee is charged.

$1500 USD is the minimum top up amount directly funded from your BTC balance.

For card daily withdrawal limit, $20,000 USD on ATM.

For card daily withdrawal limit, $300,000 USD on Online purchase (without KYC requirement).

For card daily withdrawal limit above $300,000 USD on Online purchase (KYC is mandatory).

For card daily withdrawals, $0 – $1 USD fee is charged.

Funds are usually available within 10 business hours. Withdrawal is instant.

You can make withdrawals direclty to another Savencrypt wallet using username or to an external wallet address.

Log into your wallet and click on “Wallet Settings”.

Under “Personal Profile” section, you can change your account password there.

Remember to backup your wallet in case you forget your password..

No, we protect you. There are high risks with investing. We work on creating a risk free investment.

For deposits, $0 USD fee is charged.

For withdrawals, $0 – $1 USD fee is charged.

We do not have control over your wallet.

Remember to backup your wallet, and keep your 24 words backup safe.

You can restore your wallet anytime to access your funds linked to the private keys.

Check the support center or contact Support if you need further assistance

Fast withdrawal with Savencrypt debit card

Top-up, Shop and withdraw worldwide with your Savencrypt crypto debit card – Very low fees, secure, flexible, compatible with any ATM/POS, fast conversion to local currency. So much more.

Savencrypt cryptocurrency wallet